Music Copyright Expert Witness

Musonomics founder and NYU Professor Larry Miller applies his expertise in commercial and regulatory matters involving music creators and rights holders, broadcasters and advanced technology companies. We have been retained on several recent cases concerning the value of music and determination of rates for public performance in radio broadcasting and digital mechanical and performance royalties and have provided testimony before the Copyright Royalty Board In the Matter of: DETERMINATION OF RATES AND TERMS FOR MAKING AND DISTRIBUTING PHONORECORDS (PHONORECORDS III)

Representative recent assignments include:

  • Rate Determinations for Mechanical Royalties
  • Rate Determinations for Performance Royalties
  • Commercial due diligence in mergers and acquisitions on behalf of financial sponsors

We apply rigorous analytical expertise informed by 30 years of industry experience in recorded music and music publishing, advanced digital music services, radio broadcasting and strategy consulting.

Reach Larry Miller at larry [AT] musonomics [DOT] com